Afrique Lémou is a non governmental organization governed by the 1901 law founded in 2006. “Lémou” means “children” in soninké, a language spoken in Mali, Mauritania and in Senegal.  Today around 20 people are part of the organization. Our aim is to promote education and health in developing countries but also in France.


Although we started our actions in Mali, we have expanded our field of activity. Today we develop projects in numerous countries like Morocco and Vietnam.


We organize cultural, musical or cooking events in order to be able to achieve humanitarian projects targeting disfavored children all around the world.


Our first project, the deployment of  solar panels on the roofs of the school and the medical center in Kersignagné, a small village in the Kayes region in Mali, took place in 2010.  We also gave out school supplies and drugs to many medical organizations  in that city.


After that first success our motivation increased! After which we collected school supplies and other materials which we sent to Morocco and Vietnam.

We also did another project. We deliver a “motorbike-ambulance” in a village in Mali. This vehicle makes the transportation of sick/ injured people to the closest medical center easier.


We are willing to continue on this path to get involved in more projects in France and beyond.


Each of our past projects are listed on this website. We could only do them thanks to the support of our partners, volunteers and you!!


We need you and your support in whatever form you can provide.You also have the option to make a donation to finance our projects via “Make a donation”.


Our big family is ready to welcome new members or volunteers! Please feel free to contact us for any questions, feedback or of you want to become a member via the “Contact us “page  


Enjoy your stay... and see you soon :-)