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Afrique Lémou is an NGO governed by the 1901 law founded in 2006. “Lémou” means “children” in soninké, a language spoken in Gambia, Mali, Mauritania and in Senegal. Our aim is to promote education and health in developing countries but also sensitize and communicate about theses actions.

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1 Man, ran 100 km for Afrique Lémou!! 

Thanks a lot for our brave Fabrice who’s allowing us to finance our Humanitarian actions. 

#notallheroeswearcapes, #SuperFabrice 

Alone I go faster, together, we go further.

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New projects: 

  • Help a village in Mali to dig a well in collaboration of "Umma'nité" organization. 
  • Create and monitor a training program in sewing skills for unemployed women 

Association Afrique Lémou, MDA 20ème

18 rue Ramus 75020 PARIS

 Email : afriquelemou@gmail.com

Téléphone : 0610748966 // 0621928888